From Ranch Critters:

Love my Arena! Some people get swimming pools, and we get an Arena!

Here's to mental Health. 🙂

From David:

Thank you for the great customer service and great crew! We love our new arena!

From Dominique:

Thanks again we are so blown away, and that is one amazing team you have!

Nancy wrote:

Thank you, Scott Arnold, and this amazing crew for the long days, lots of sweat and awesome work to make this happen for us here at Fair Oaks Farm!

Patricia (DVM) at Exclusively Equine says:

Thrilled with Scott and his team! They put up a 100x50x14 arena in 1 1/2 days. Excellent customer service and workmanship. Will recommend them to all my clients. Thank you.

Customer in Iowa Colony says:

Thank you thank you for my shade cover and shelter from the rain and sun........it is awesome and so is your crew!!!!!

Nikki said:

We're so excited our new covered arena should be done in a couple days or less!! It was build the pen or build an arc!! Anyone looking to put one up please let me recommend the company we used Covered-Riding-Arenas-In-Texas.com! They are good, professional, and quick!


I have worked with all types of teams during my career, but I have never seen a team with the cooperation and inter-dependency of your construction team. They are truly amazing. There is not a wasted moment and everyone is moving and doing something useful- anticipating the next step and getting materials or equipment in place. It is a beautiful dance and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them...