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Covered Riding Arenas in Texas

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About Covered Riding Arenas in Texas

Pride of workmanship and very happy customers are priority to all of us at Covered Riding Arenas in Texas. We can honestly say that in our 10 years of business, we have never completed a building that our customers were not only satisfied with, but happy also.

The Owner

The owner, J. Scott Arnold, has been riding since 1974. Started off bareback, then on to Western Pleasure. From there he rode Hunters briefly, then discovered the United States Pony Club (Boy Scouts of the horse world), where riding, barn management, and horse care were taught with team spirit encouraged. Following several years of 3-Day Eventing on the East Coast, Mr. Arnold put himself through college working on a Cutting horse farm in Tyler, Texas. After college, he focused on dressage and currently trains his own horses and attends clinics to further his education.

Mr. Arnold has owned and run several boarding stables. Over the years he learned from others mistakes (and a few of his own), concepts of arena construction and placement. He is careful to help with the pros and cons of the many options so the buyer can make educated decisions and enjoy the final project when all is said and done with no regrets.

The Company

We have happy customers that are willing to share their experiences and show their facilities to serious clients. As a courtesy, we get permission before you journey out. As far as referral list goes, we have learned that no one puts the unhappy customers on the list, so you really never get a chance to get a good feel for the ones that would not recommend the builders. If we built it, you will always get a good referral and we are proud of that.

We try to be competitive regarding our pricing. We are the only weld up building company with 1st quality Roofing and 100% new steel for columns and trusses. We are proud of our pre-engineered buildings for Zone 9 (The Texas Coast into Northern Oklahoma). Our buildings will take a Cat 2 hurricane (120 mph sustained winds), and snow loads in Northern Oklahoma).  To date, we have not had a structural warranty request!

We are more than happy to build your design, or help you come up with unique designs specific to your needs. We are not just a “Steel Building Company.” We are riders with horses, and we build Steel Arenas, Vet Clinics, Equestrian Centers, and so much more. If you need referrals for dirt work, fencing, custom stalls, finish out, concrete work, etc., then we can always refer other contractors that have made our clients happy with quality work and fair prices.  Often you see cheap advertised pricing…   The first thing they do is ask for more money.      We send out all of our pricing for all sizes by request, no obligation.     Transparency is key for a good experience!

We appreciate and value all of our past, current, and future customers. We have worked with many Equine Charities successfully.  Being the cheapest, or “meet or beat anyone’s price”, usually means you get what you pay for.  We could build for less by using lesser quality materials…  However, we are a quality builder with reasonable pricing.   Allow us to earn your business and join our long list of satisfied customers.

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Arena Lingo

The Arena Lingo 101 guide is provided to help customers understand the primary components used to build a metal frame arena. The diagrams below illustrate common terms used in metal arena and metal building construction including:


Covered Riding Arenas

We have been building Covered Riding Arenas since 2008 and offer arenas, buildings and barns for professionals, hobbyists, and amateurs in:

  • Sporthorses
  • Dressage
  • Western and English Riding
  • Parelli
  • Jumping
  • Hunter
  • Roping
  • Cutting
  • Barrels
  • Virtually any Equestrian Sports and Activities

All come with 5-year complete warranty up to Category 2 Hurricanes, Zone 9 Snow Loads, and 20-year manufacturing on sheet metal that is “First Quality” only. We can create custom barns, riding arenas, or buildings.